We offer a wide range of dog walking and pet sitting services

Call us to arrange a free consultation, we can arrange a convenient time to meet you and your pet and discuss your needs. We will obtain your basic dog information, emergency contact details and answer any of your questions. This will also give you the opportunity to meet us and assess our suitability.
We will then develop your service plan and book in what you need. If you want to use us as a one off, ad hoc or a regular user, please do not hesitate to call us. Once we have you registered on our system then you can book in as little or often as you like. Last minute outing? Shift worker? Just want a day to yourself? We will always attempt to fit you in. 

Dog Walk 1 hour
Puppy walk 30 min

Group Walk

We aim to be the highlight in your dog’s day by offering fun filled group walks. Being pack animals, dogs enjoy the social dynamics of being walked in a group, stimulating both mind and body, resulting in a happy and tired dog returned home.
We will collect your four legged friend from your home in our purpose built vehicle. They will be taken to one of our many exciting walking destinations.  
Once dropped off we will towel dry we top up any water bowls & are happy to feed any meals needed and administer medication.
We will leave you a comment card or send you an electronic up-date  your dog’s activity.
Walks will be in small groups with other dogs matched for suitability and temperament.

Dog Walk 30 min or1 hour 

Individual Walk

Completely tailored to your dog’s likes and needs, for dogs that feel more comfortable within their own space to that of the pack. This can include dogs who are older and prefer a slower pace, unsocialised dogs or dogs that suffer from car sickness. Our solo walks are engaging and interactive and your dog receives our undivided attention.
After the walk, we towel dry, bowls are refilled if required. We are also happy to feed any meals needed or administer medication. We will leave  you a comment card  or send you an electronic update  your dog’s activity. 

Puppy Home Visit 

Also suitable for Senior Dogs 

A new addition to your family can be an exciting time, however we understand there will be times when you are unable to be there for your puppy. We are available for puppy visits. A visit will include feeding, changing water, cleaning up accidents  play and cuddles. We will  leave you a comment card of your pup's activity.
Ask us about our puppy care assistance service. Perhaps your puppy is struggling settling in. Let us help you establish a routine and provide support and the training you and your puppy need.
We have an extensive list of tips and entertaining training games to help keep your puppy occupied and keep howling, barking and destruction to a minimum!
Once your puppy has had their injections, we can start to introduce them  to walking activities ! We pick friendly dogs or other puppies for them to go on small puppy walks with and begin the important task of socialising and training them.

Day care package / hourly sitting 

Hourly sitting AM/PM                   Medication administration visits 

We recognise that your four legged friend is a member of your family, so you would need to go through many of the same considerations that you would when selecting a babysitter for your children.
No need to worry! We can provide you with an hourly sitting service or a complete day care package consisting of 3 visits and a 30 minute walk.

Cat / Kitten or Small animal visit

Small Furry Animals, Reptiles and Birds

We will visit your pet, feed them and change their water, clean out their cages, groom and spend time with them depending on their requirements.
Home visits last for 30 mins but can be extended if required.
If you are away from home, we will move post from the doorway and open/shut curtains during the visit if requested.
Home visits are charged per half hour visit. If you have several pets who require care you will not be charged per pet.

Pet Taxi

Hourly rate and Mileage chargeable service 

We will transport you and your four legged friend in a vehicle that is air conditioned and adapted to provide safe and secure transport for animals  The service will drop off and collect your pet by appointment.
This service may be helpful for vet or groomer visits.
Journeys are priced individually and a price will be provided when the service is arranged.
Alternatively let us take the stress out of appointments and we will accompany your pet as required for the same cost.